Gmail Login Security Enabling Two Step

Imagine entering in your information on the Gmail sign in form only to find that your password is wrong or that all of your emails have been deleted. This is the same situation that millions of people face each year. No matter how secure or complex your password may be, downloading software, using public Wi-Fi when trying a Gmail login attempt or a variety of other security concerns can lead a hacker to retrieve your password. Google has introduced what is called a 2-step verification system which goes beyond a basic password to help you further secure your account. Instead, to successfully login to your account, you will need to: Enter your password Enter in a verification code that is sent to your phone or mobile app This means that even if your pertinent login details were compromised, no one would be able to access your account unless they also had access to your phone or mobile device. This may seem like an annoyance right? Google will also ask if you want to remember your computer so that you don’t need to enter in the verification code again when using the same device. Enabling Two Step Login Security on the Web By following the step below, you will be able to enable the 2-step verification system on your Gmail account. Go to Gmail and enter in your Gmail login information. Once signed in, click your picture at the top right of the screen. Click on the account link right above the view profile button. Click the security tab at the top of the setting’s page. Under the password section, you will see 2-step verification listed. Click the setup link to the right of the words “2-step verification.” The above steps will be needed to begin the setup process. If you are already logged into your account, you can access the password section by following this link and proceed to step 6. Once you have followed the entirety of the instructions provided during the setup process, you will have 2-step authentication configured. Enabling Two Step Login Security on Android Anyone that is using the Android operating system will be able to enable 2-step verification quickly and easily. The following steps will allow you to utilize Gmail sign in with verification enabled. Follow steps 1 – 4 as outlined in the previous section. Choose which method of authentication you would prefer: Google Authenticator app or SMS. The app can be downloaded by clicking the “Send me the app” text found on the page. For SMS, scroll down and click the text link that says “SMS or Voice.” Follow the setup process for either method chosen. Once this is all done, you can sign out of your account and verify that your 2-step authentication has been setup accurately. This is the most secure method when using Gmail and is a safeguard that every user should enable when using Gmail as their primary e-mail service.