I Forgot My Password On Hotmail

Hotmail password you use “Hotmail” account password. This is why to find out the password hotmail.com visit the page. Hotmail password reset page. There are three options available on the page that opens. As I have shown below; * I forgot my password Reset your password (click This link) * My password and Windows Live Id, but I know I can't sign in * Another one of my Windows Live Id to use I think On the page that opens; “Windows Live ID:” in front of where it says msn, type the full address. In answer security issue. Next sunrise. In front of you again next three options, as follows.; * Me e-mail, send a reset link * Security Question * Customer support Hotmail email address, while the recovery e-mail if you have entered select option 1. Hotmail email address, while the “Security question” if you remember the answer to the 2nd select. 2 options did not result in “Customer support” option.